America's Heartland Honey at Tea Harbor

Find America’s Heartland Honey at Tea Harbor and Oh Olive

Still need that last minute gift for the holidays? Concerned that an online order won’t make it in time? Too bad all the farmers markets are closed for the season. But wait, all hope is not lost. There is still a way to get America’s Heartland Honey for the holidays. If you are in the

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Gold Rush

Cocktail with Honey

The week after a holiday is always a long one. Don’t just welcome your weekend with the same old routine. Kick it off right, a cocktail with honey! Honey is a change of pace to and drink. Here is a quick and easy cocktail with honey recipe to get your weekend going. Gold Rush 1

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Honey Glazed Turkey

Honey Glazed Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a great turkey. Go ahead an be honest, you have a great recipe for your Thanksgiving turkey and you have perfected, right? This Thanksgiving why not really WOW everyone. Try something new and sweeten up your Thanksgiving Turkey with a little honey! Below is your favorite recipe for a honey glazed

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10 Amazzzzing Bee Facts

10 Amazzzzing Bee Facts Infographic

Every wonder how a bee gets a job? How much of a kick does honey provide to bees? Do bees know the wolds is round? The answer to those questions and more is right here. [Source: Today I Found Out]

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Tea and Honey

It is no secret that honey is a great natural sweetener that goes great with tea.  But, did you ever stop to think why that is?  I mean, sure, it tastes great, but why do these two items pair together so well?  The answer could be the way that they make you feel. As found

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Where Honey Comes From

Harvesting honey is an ancient artisanal craft that is both an art and science. The honey bees gather nectar from flowering plants, and beekeepers collect honey from the beehives. The journey from harvesting to distributing honey is multifaceted. “The bees simply collect nectar, add a few enzymes and store it in the honeycomb. But all of

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